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7. Trojan Dictionary

Trojan Dictionary

In the vaults of deceit, the Trojan Dictionary lies, A sinister lexicon, where truth and lies disguise. Words woven with malice, definitions that deceive, A treacherous tome, where trust they try to thieve.   Innocent-looking phrases, with venomous intent, Masking malevolent codes, a digital descent. Each page a trap, awaiting the unwary eye, To infect …

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The Day When My Parents Promoted Their Suicide

In the digital realm, a somber tale unfolds, The death of both parents, a story widely told. Across the web’s expanse, their memories cascade, As strangers gather, grief and condolences conveyed.   Once private pain now shared in a crowded space, The internet’s embrace, a double-edged grace. In the sea of sympathy, the virtual crowd …

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3. Infinite Dorr-min

Infinite Door

In the realm of dreams, an infinite door reveals its might, A portal to worlds unknown, where imagination takes flight. With a twist of fate, it beckons the adventurous soul, To explore the boundless realms, where mysteries unroll.   Through this doorway, time and space blend into one, Unveiling hidden treasures, like the rays of …

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