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The Day When My Parents Promoted Their Suicide

In the digital realm, a somber tale unfolds,

The death of both parents, a story widely told.

Across the web’s expanse, their memories cascade,

As strangers gather, grief and condolences conveyed.


Once private pain now shared in a crowded space,

The internet’s embrace, a double-edged grace.

In the sea of sympathy, the virtual crowd stands tall,

Yet amid the noise, solitude’s curtain may still fall.


As the world mourns together, their legacy shines bright,

Their love and teachings etched in the digital light.

In the depths of cyberspace, their presence lives on,

Their memory cherished, like a glowing dawn.


But let us remember, amidst the virtual tears,

To find solace in the quiet, to heal the wounds of years.

For the internet may gather, yet it can’t replace,

The warmth of their embrace, their love’s true embrace.