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3. Infinite Dorr-min

Infinite Door

In the realm of dreams, an infinite door reveals its might,

A portal to worlds unknown, where imagination takes flight.

With a twist of fate, it beckons the adventurous soul,

To explore the boundless realms, where mysteries unroll.


Through this doorway, time and space blend into one,

Unveiling hidden treasures, like the rays of a distant sun.

The past, the present, and the future intertwine,

Infinite possibilities, where dreams and realities align.


But beware, dear traveler, as you step through the haze,

For an infinite door carries both awe and disarray.

It holds the power to transform and to deceive,

A paradox of hope and fear, as infinite wonders weave.


With every stride, embrace the journey’s embrace,

Through the infinite door, where destinies interlace.

For within its grandeur, lies a path to behold,

Infinite door, gateway to wonders untold.