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My Feet Full of Cache

My feet full of cache, walking paths of memories,

Traces of journeys imprinted on every step, like hidden treasures.

Each footprint a timestamp of the places I’ve been,

A trail of moments, a glimpse of where I’ve seen.


In the alleys of the past, the cache comes alive,

Reviving images, scents, and sounds, as I strive.

The nostalgia in each stride, a journey through time,

My feet carry me through the labyrinth of memories, sublime.


The cache, a bittersweet embrace of days gone by,

A mix of joy and sorrow, like a painted sky.

With every footfall, I weave my story’s thread,

A tapestry of life, where the past and present are wed.


So, I’ll keep walking, my feet full of cache,

Cherishing each moment, as life’s chapters interlace.

For with every step I take, I continue to grow,

In the cache of my heart, the beauty of life will forever glow.