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7. Trojan Dictionary

Trojan Dictionary

In the vaults of deceit, the Trojan Dictionary lies,

A sinister lexicon, where truth and lies disguise.

Words woven with malice, definitions that deceive,

A treacherous tome, where trust they try to thieve.


Innocent-looking phrases, with venomous intent,

Masking malevolent codes, a digital descent.

Each page a trap, awaiting the unwary eye,

To infect the mind, and sow chaos awry.


But amidst the darkness, knowledge shall defend,

Empowering the wary, to unravel and comprehend.

For in the face of Trojan’s artful disguise,

Wisdom and vigilance shall arise.


Together we shall arm, against this hidden foe,

Unraveling their sly tricks, their deceit we’ll overthrow.

The Trojan Dictionary may seek to control,

But with unity and insight, we’ll rise above the toll.