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When Internet Eat You

In the vast expanse of cyberspace, beware when internet consumes your soul,

A labyrinth of virtual illusions, where identities may lose control.

As you wander through the digital haze, reality may start to blur,

And the relentless hunger of the web engulfs, a voracious predator.


Once entangled in its snare, you may become a mere shadow of your being,

Struggling to break free, but the grip of the net keeps you from fleeing.

When the internet eats you, the world becomes a pixelated realm,

A place where true connections fade, and authenticity finds its helm.


Yet, amidst the virtual chaos, seek the light of human touch,

For in the warmth of genuine bonds, the internet’s spell is no match.

Remember, you’re more than just data or code, you’re a soul with a heart,

And in the real world’s embrace, you’ll find your identity, your truest part.