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8. Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown

In the vast expanse of the unknown, a destination awaits,

A journey uncharted, where mysteries elate.

With courage as my compass, I set sail,

Into the unexplored, where tales of wonder unveil.


No map to guide, no path defined,

I embrace uncertainty, with a heart aligned.

For in the journey of the unknown, I find,

The essence of life, the thrill of the mind.


With each step, I embrace the thrill,

The anticipation, the unknown’s sweet chill.

For in the destination unknown, I’ll soar,

Discovering treasures, never seen before.


In the dance of the stars, my spirit’s enlivened,

Destination unknown, where dreams are given.

For it is in the uncharted, we truly find,

The beauty of life, the treasures of the mind.