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9. seduction of profitsx

Seduction Of Profit

In the allure of golden charms, the seduction of profit weaves its web,

Whispers of wealth, a mesmerizing melody, drawing souls into its grasp.

Like a mirage in the desert, it shimmers with promises untold,

But beware, for beneath the surface lies a price to be paid.


A dance of temptation, luring hearts into a trance,

Greed’s enchanting embrace, veiling the path of prudence and sense.

In the pursuit of riches, values may falter, morals may sway,

As the seduction of profit casts its spell, leading astray.


Yet amidst the allure, let wisdom be our guide,

To discern the true worth, and to keep our conscience by our side.

For beyond the glimmering facade, lies a world of depth and grace,

Where true wealth resides in the richness of love, kindness, and embrace.