2. My Feet Full of Cache (1)

husaensadam is an artist who began drawing since he child. Unfortunately, he didn’t receive support from his parents, so he had to pursue his passion for art secretly. Despite the lack of open encouragement, he remained committed to honing his artistic skills. After years of practicing and exploring various artistic styles, husaensadam found a strong interest in creating collage art. He started producing unique collage works and start on 2022 he joined NFT space on Tezos and Solana chain

However, like many artists, his creativity went through fluctuations, and after some time, he felt the need to seek something different and more challenging. Later on, husaensadam discovered a new passion for manipulating photos using glitch and databending techniques. Both methods involve creative digital manipulation of photos using software and various technological tools. Through this style, husaensadam managed to express his ideas and emotions in a unique and innovative way. 

husaensadam’s artistic style can be characterized as experimental and innovative. He combines digital elements with glitch and databending techniques to create artworks that reflect imperfections, visual tension, and unconventional aesthetics. He uses digital media as his canvas and presents works with surprising compositions and surreal elements.