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4. When My Home Full of Malware-min

When My Home Full Of Malware

In the shadows of my home, a haunting presence dwells,

A symphony of malware, a tale that sadness tells.

Once a sanctuary, now tainted by digital decay,

As malevolent codes infest, my peace begins to sway.


Like a ghostly invasion, they creep and crawl,

Corrupting every corner, my haven’s downfall.

My once vibrant abode, now a labyrinth of fear,

As malicious entities whisper, my mind unclear.


I yearn for the light to pierce through the gloom,

To cleanse my home, dispel the malware’s doom.

With hope, I seek refuge in the cyber fray,

To reclaim my sanctuary, restore it to a brighter day.


For in the face of darkness, courage will stand tall,

In the heart of my home, love conquers all.

Through the trials of technology, I’ll find my way,

To reclaim my haven from the grip of malware’s sway.