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5. Laugh Has Been Uninstalled

Laugh Has Been Uninstalled

In the realm of sorrow, a silent void prevails,

As laughter’s essence vanishes, its absence leaves trails.

Once a melody of joy, now muted and suppressed,

The laughter’s uninstallation has left my heart distressed.


Gone are the cheerful echoes that filled the air,

A symphony of mirth, now vanished, leaving despair.

The world seems colorless, devoid of its shine,

As the laughter’s uninstalled, a loss so divine.


Yet, I’ll search within the memories of the past,

To retrieve the laughter’s beauty, to recast.

For even in darkness, a spark can be found,

To reinstall the laughter, love’s sweetest sound.


With strength and resilience, I’ll overcome this strife,

Rekindling the laughter, bringing back to life.

For in the depths of sorrow, hope will abide,

Laughter shall return, with joy as our guide.